we plunge into your heart to create a piece of art
a group of professionals who create ideas that are deep, well thought out and heartfelt.
1st birthday/party invite
we created excitement amongst the bigger fish in the river for a baby fish's first party, just as wished. the idea and the thought of the dive into beer bottles brought about a quirky, naughty smile to faces
invite for mr. neeraj kanwar
(Promoter of Apollo tyres ltd.)
naughty at 40- a classy, yet fun way to announce this big event in a grand style. the waters of inneriver converted it into a sort of a challenge for invitees to go with him to this milestone by actually taking 40 shots down
westernhills by atul enterprises
(a real estate company)
'stay simple' - a message intended to flow across was created into an invite that lured people into a simple potluck party. it brought back the old world charm to a new harbour and made it into a statement of sort
30th birthday invite
we announced mr. arun kapoor's special day that marked a milestone and welcomed him to his 3rd decade. we set the boat afloat and docked safely creating a huge buzz.a family - family set up- as demanded, was a smooth sailing that let new clients on-board
Zizo launch invite
(authentic Lebanese cuisine)
a challenge that was thrown into our waters of associating the beetle with the food. we held the boat fast by its anchor and cracked the idea by using good art and execution. a grand scale idea, involving international food critics was raved waved about while also carrying forward the main brand idea with the invite
12 going on 13
memories of the past, streaming smoothly via a flipbook. a favorite childhood toy created into a playful invite. the churning waters of inneriver brings this turning point in life to life through an invite that makes you dive back into time and remember the free flowing waters.
mr. amit burman's 40th
(promoter of dabur india ltd.)
after swimming in the waters; going from one pr and advertising firm to another, no idea impressed the man of such stature. until he found the waters of inneriver and got an invite for his 40th birthday. a hanger to symbolize hangovers was designed by top professionals who created the perfect strokes that the competitors wanted to learn
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