1. freewheeling meeting & sharing the concept cost with the client
our first step is freewheeling, one-on-one meeting, where a group of sailors interview the passengers on-board with a set of questions to identify key triggers and capture the emotions of the subject matter. We share our concept cost and move on to the next step.
2. internal brainstorming
we have internal brainstorming sessions at the deck and jump into the waters to collect the precious pearls, put them together and convey the core thought.
3. making dummy layout for
client presentation
we then choose 2-3 key hooks and present to you each piece as a draft. we make dummy layouts for the first cut presentation for approval.
4. concept & layout
we set afloat the layout and concept for approval and finalisation. based on the shortlist and feedback we make the revisions for the final layout, work out the best cost of production, share the cost and promptly flow over to the next step, after we get your approval.
5. production & print
then comes the most critical part of producing the final layout. with in-house facility and support from production houses, we create a masterpiece and make sure we do justice to the idea in our last stage of execution. we make sure that execution is a smooth sail for both, the client's and our satisfaction. that's why we match the final product with the samples that are finalised.
6. prompt delivery of
your order
we believe in prompt delivery. your order flows across on time...
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